Having witnessed the effects both positive and negative nutritional habits have had on herself, close friends and family members, the desire to eventually be in a position where she could help others take control of and optimise short and long term health spurred Andrea on through career retraining.

Andrea also has a young family which allows her insight into the rewards and challenges of modern family life. Promoting health and raising awareness though varied work opportunities fuels Andrea’s passion to ensure we’re mindfully nourishing the next generation…

Having previously established a successful career in a multinational technology company, alongside an advisory role on a charity board, Andrea understands first hand the many pressures that can be faced in business environments with the potential implications for well-being.  She therefore considers it extremely important to work in partnership with clients to ensure nutritional programmes are realistic and practical to best promote effectiveness.

As Health Embrace has evolved all round family health nutrition has become a top priority and speciality for the practice. Even with sporting/ corporate clients where Andrea applies scientific evidence to help optimise performance, incorporating supportive family advice and practical suggestions can be crucial for compliance.