Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

Afternoon All,

It’s now day six in the March smoothie challenge and its been great to hear from so many of you trying out options or being inspired for your own. Feedback received yesterday that ‘amazingly Sundays breakfast smoothie was so filling there was no need to eat rubbish all morning’ put a big smile on my face.

By now you’re probably settled in and pretty used to your blender? To keep you on your toes we do like to throw in a surprise or two… Yes you did read it right, there is chocolate in the smoothie title today! Well that’s the guilt free taste.

Courtesy of the excellent Sheffield based nutritional therapist Louisa Richards at Heads Up Nutrition you’ve been provided with a quick and simple recipe that’s bursting with nutrients. I know Louisa has often recommended this as a tasty introduction to smoothies for children or as an after school treat due to its creamy chocolate flavours! A banana in there works well too to provide extra carbohydrates say around exercise.

So thinking of all the little (and big) kids out there, the link below includes the recipe and some further detail.

A final quick aside – when I first made this I didn’t have all the ingredients in, so I used sea salt and 100% cocoa powder as useful alternatives. As always, if you need any tips or have questions, please ask.

Have fun testing!



HUN Chocolate Avocado Smoothie


HUN Chocolate avacodo