Food, health & voting – all emotive topics!

Food, health and voting – they’re all hugely emotive topics. Let’s mix it all up a bit and contemplate the 3 together !?

So, Teresa May has called for a snap general election in June which will ultimately shake up the overall priorities list for many political parties. Brexit will naturally dominate the conversation but it’ll be interesting to see how closely (hopefully!) health figures as a topic of importance. As the UK recently became divided over Brexit, some claimed that the detail was lacking whilst sensational news stories took centre stage. As the MPs are currently finalising manifestos and hitting the campaign trail now is a great time to dig into the specific inclusions and omissions that we’re passionate about to encourage our own individual informed voting choices.

Did you know that Public Health England rank poor diet as the biggest threat to a family’s health and overall longevity in the UK?
Some food for thought… How are future governments proposing to tackle the very complex issue of obesity – one of the biggest most serious challenges of our children’s generation? Obesity and the associated conditions impact not only the economy but the NHS directly. The estimated cost of Obesity to the economy is £16bn a year (up from £4.2bn 10 years ago) which is more than the fire and police emergency services combined.

To consider an example of some detail… Will the ‘responsibility deal’ in regards to the sugar tax be upheld? Do we even believe this has the potential to impact the overall health of those within the UK? How will the budgets for health education and tackling the issues within the food industry be proportioned on a party by party basis?

So many issues in preventative health to ponder when hopefully getting our hard facts over the coming days. Andrea

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