From Facebook

So yesterday I turned 40, wowsers! After a bit of ‘poor me’ I got bombarded with lots of love (and presents) so promptly got over this and became hugely excited! For my 30th I bought myself a new Mini Cooper S, had a surprise party thrown in a trendy London bar and I worked in IT. Times change – I’ve now got a bus (almost) but I’m loving myself the nutrition life, 3 kids, husband & a dog… Oh and a move back to lovely Norfolk.

Health Embrace will be the baby of my 40s with lots of plans hatching currently. I’m even thinking of starting a nutrition blog but on family life with plenty of realism thrown in the mix.

Until then there’s the small matter of my next celebration. Tomorrow night I’ll be tucking my baby belly remnants in quite frankly hideous stomach busting tights (yes yes I’m a nutritionist but this still happens!!) to party in my fancy dress with lots of lovely friends. There’ll be too much alcohol I’m sure and on Sunday I’m hoping a sports electrolyte solution might just save me. In my 20s/early 30s it was Berroca so I must definitely now be older and wiser!

No Friday tips today as it’s just a quick in to FB whilst I’m contemplating the balance of my life 😉

Have a great weekend all, Andrea