provide interactive nutrition focused talks and workshops.

These can be arranged for schools, clubs, teams, social and healthcare practitioners and are tailored to requirements. Workplace nutrition workshops and clinics can also be bespoke designed as part of employee welfare and retention schemes, or for groups of individuals.

Andrea from Heath Embrace is a co-founder of the Mindful Nourishment workshop series.

New planned group programmes in Norwich for 2016

  • 'Eating for Energy' public children's health workshop - Dec 1st at 7.30pm, Town Hall, Bury St Edmunds

    How to avoid the blood sugar rollercoaster

  • Gluten Free Health workshop - Dec 3rd at Coeliac UK in Bury St Edmunds

    Supporting a new diagnosis

  • Other Mindful Nourishment talks and workshops in December:

    Maximising the Effects of Your Workout & Workplace Wellness

Contact for updates on course availability, to register interest or discuss options for personalising group programmes to your requirements.

Gift vouchers are valid for these courses.
Further detail, content and how to join these groups, will be updated in news throughout 2016.

Examples of group sessions previously provided include:

  • Eating to increase energy (children and adults)
  • Simple dietary tips to support all round family health
  • Nutritional tips to maximise physical and mental performance
  • Optimising recovery strategies for enhancing athletic performance
  • Workplace Wellness - eating for health
  • The sugar debate - providing clarity & debunking some myths