Functional Nutritional Therapy Approach

The Health Embrace Me approach to nutritional therapy integrates functional medicine at its core.

Andrea completed an innovative Personalised Nutrition MSc programme which was developed in collaboration with the prestigious US Institute of Functional Medicine.

This has created an in-depth understanding of topics such as enhancing longevity and supportive nutrition for chronic illness. Health Embrace is therefore ideally positioned to navigate functional medicine’s 21st century approach to person-centered healthcare.

Andrea undertook pioneering practical research demonstrating how personalised functional nutrition could be targeted to support peak performance and optimal health in elite sport. This is now uniquely applied and helps provide solid evidence-based solutions for individuals with both generalised health and sport related goals.

Individual variations in metabolic function, whether through environmental influences or genetics, are crucially being given due consideration in clinical practice.

Health Embrace addresses and respects the interconnected nature of a whole person, rather than contemplating an isolated set of symptoms or challenges. This is central to the functional medicine core values and an important component of the Health Embrace Me formula. Health can then be promoted as a positive vitality state.

Neuro Linguistic Programming