The Integration of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Health Embrace can provide neuro-linguistic programming tools and techniques to help support and empower an individual to consider choices, promote opportunities and take control of achieving their goals.

Food and emotions often go hand in hand. Therefore, coaching and motivational work can be incorporated into nutritional consultations. Alternatively an individual neuro-linguistic programming session might be most useful for navigating a successful way forward to change a habit, increase confidence or adapt to a stressful situation. Understanding specific needs for affecting positive change and flexibility to then tailor personalised strategies, is part of the Health Embrace approach.

We all have a set of deep rooted beliefs which can shape our behaviour, decisions and ultimately our actions. Varied beliefs are of course part of who we are, however, without us always realising, sometimes these thought processes may be limiting us in the ability to reach our optimal health and true potential.

'The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can't, but in the things you've never considered doing'
Richard Bandler, Co Creator of NLP
Clinic Services

'NLP techniques can help explore relevant beliefs, ways of communicating and how this might be influencing unique behaviour. Insights and an understanding into ways in which to address barriers to change can reap many positive benefits for health and well-being.'