Nutritious and Delicious – Smoothies 1-3 Ingredients


For those of you that would like to plan in advance, here’s an ingredients list for the first few smoothies. What you will find as the weeks move on is that there may be less on your core ingredients list and you are just topping up. Although experimentation is encouraged and many of you will relish and could benefit from following recipes exactly, it’s best to be realistic. As an example, if you have a good quality whey protein powder feel free to try this if you’re not ready to invest in a hemp option. Also you might already have a favourite nut butter in the house or prefer to use a seed butter if avoiding nuts.

Ideally fruit and vegetables, if not frozen will be picked up throughout the week for maximum freshness and optimal nutrient content. Amounts can then be increased in line with the individual recipe if making the smoothie for more than one person.


Available in most supermarkets Health food shop or store online Fruit and vegetables
Plain coconut water Himalayan pink salt Apple
Unsweetened almond milk Raw cacao powder 2 avocados
Maple syrup Cashew nut butter 2 to 3 bananas
Honey Hemp protein powder Beetroot
Cinnamon Pineapple
Ground almond Coconut
Plain natural yoghurt Unwaxed lemon
Whole porridge oats Spinach
Unsweetened coconut milk Frozen berries
Coconut butter/oil
Please note alternatives for certain ingredients will be detailed with the individual recipe to consider cost, availability and variety.

Thanks for joining us…