Health Embrace Nutritious and Delicious – Smoothie a Day Challenge



To all those new to this website or existing clients revisiting, welcome, I hope you enjoy.

Following positive feedback on my recent nutritional tips for smoothies, a challenge was set to see off winter and get a healthy start to Spring.


The five main aims for a March smoothie a day are as follows:

  1. Increase variety in the diet for nutritional benefit.
  2. Enhance levels of essential vitamins and minerals.
  3. Experiment with different ingredients, consistencies and flavours.
  4. Provide natural support for functions including digestion, detoxification and blood sugar regulation.
  5. Understand more about the functional properties of foods.


Now the month is upon us it’s encouraging hearing so many are ready and chomping at the bit to get started.  My inbox has certainly been more colourful this week with picture responses. It’s also been great to check Facebook and see those of you already warmed up and enjoying your concoctions.

Now we’re ready to go.  If you’ve been keeping up with previous posts and emails you should have an idea how to put together a nutritionally balanced smoothie. Today could be a good day for using existing produce and getting prepared, as a shopping list will be following ready for the weeks suggestions.

The focus initially has been to maximise the positive effects on energy levels (think blood sugar regulation so including protein and some healthy fats alongside the varied fruit and/or vegetable base). Additionally on the Facebook page some good ideas and photos have been shared for a pre-run option (also given to children as part of their breakfast) and two different filling snacks.  Interaction and sharing of smoothie creations is actively encouraged, whether they’re perfect or not… Questions and requests on a topic are also most welcome.

Recipes with related health benefits and tips will be provided on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and occasionally an extra day, giving you a chance to source ingredients and try out or amend other options. So please check back here regularly if you’re not on social media receiving reminders. Updates may be from Health Embrace directly or one of our guest contributors helping to keep you on track, inspired and informed.


Finally here are my five top tips for the challenge:

  1. To maximise the health promoting benefits it is preferable to have the smoothie straight after blending. Ideally keep the quantities small as fresh juice oxidises and deteriorates quickly.
  2. If immediate consumption is not an option, adding frozen ingredients such as berries can be useful for helping with the preservation of nutrients.
  3. Coconut water ice cubes are another handy cooling addition which will pack an extra nutrient punch without changing the smoothie flavour.
  4. Sip and enjoy the smoothie to appreciate the flavours. A relaxed approach will also allow time for it to mix with the enzymes in your saliva and promote optimal absorption.
  5. Tailor smoothies to your personal requirements and if on a special diet and need options ask.


Thanks for joining in.