An Overview - Why Personalisation in Sport

Fundamental to the Health Embrace Sports nutrition approach is the understanding that personalisation of nutritional advice, in the context of an athlete’s goals, can create and maintain a strong foundation of health. The response to performance and recovery strategies can then be enhanced.

Whether you are top of your game in elite sport or training hard for your first real challenge, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. When aiming for maximisation of athletic potential it is appropriate to consider many eventualities and question whether health is optimally supported. Nutrition influences almost all bodily processes and so is essential to the basics of most sports i.e. the production of energy and subsequent exercise recovery.

One-size-fits-all strategies are unlikely to yield the best results, especially when contemplating large varied teams, for example within football. Personalised nutrition can contribute another dimension to sports nutrition and challenge a population based approach, to the advantage of an individual.

If personalised nutritional support exerts even a small positive impact to an athlete this could help close a gap between winning and losing. Statistically the wide ranging influences of nutrition could contribute a larger difference to a team effort or over a season.

The Approach

'In many sports the margins between success and failure are very fine; it can therefore be advantageous to proactively exploit all strategies available to heighten physical and mental capabilities.'