The Health Embrace Sports nutrition formula draws on generalised clinical nutrition experience and applies Andrea’s cutting edge practical research into ‘personalised nutritional strategies to optimise recovery and ultimately performance’.

Enhancing recovery time is a key component of success in sporting competition. The quicker the return to baseline physiology, the quicker the preparation process of training, adapting and ultimately improving can resume.

Tailored packages addressing an athlete’s unique needs typically include:

  • A mixture of data collection techniques - in-depth nutritional and health history assessment
  • Full exploration of stressors that may impact major bodily processes
  • Consideration of available secondary information e.g. somatotype testing results or club performance analyses
  • Proactive liaison with relevant supportive multidisciplinary teams to ensure safe and best practice
  • Recommendations and analysis of functional tests for understanding individual biochemistry and physiology
  • Integrated goal orientated NLP coaching techniques
  • A bespoke target driven consultations package to include diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • Measurable outcomes and ongoing follow-up

'Many significant factors may be uncovered, helping an athlete adapt to challenges and enhance potential. Identifying factors that motivate an athlete in addition to the sport is an integral strategy; therefore both the client and the practitioner are engaged in a therapeutic partnership'