The Functional Sports Nutrition Approach

The functional sports nutrition approach adopted by Health Embrace is centred on the functional medicine philosophy of integrative health and involves applying personalised functional nutrition to sport.

Individual variations in metabolic function, whether through environmental input or genetics, are given due consideration. Functional sports nutrition looks upstream to consider the web-like interconnections of the environmental inputs of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and trauma.

Respecting and understanding the functionality and biochemical individuality of an athlete’s unique body should enhance the effectiveness of clinical nutrition.

The Functional Sports Nutrition Pyramid
The 3 tiered approach incorporated into Health Embrace programmes

'If one part of the web collapses or is weakened, as the body is complex system with a multitude of variables, another area of health could be affected. In parallel, key areas can be strengthened, for example, energy levels, mental focus, or recovery support processes.'