Ingredients List – Smoothies 4-6

Getting ready for another week ahead, I’ve included the suggested ingredients list for the next 3 smoothies provided. As you will see there are a fair few ingredients that you might have in from last weeks selections and some new ideas.

There have now been 3 different protein powders suggested; hemp last week and now pea and whey all with different benefits, textures and flavours. To consider cost, it might be worth purchasing the small sachets of each as in most recipes long term they can be substituted for each other (or other foods) according to your individual taste and requirements. I personally most enjoy whey protein in smoothies and have had clients that are vegan or avoiding all dairy that prefer  say hemp to pea. Others might not notice a difference at all and include the variety to consider the nutritional profiles of each.


Available in most supermarkets Health food shop or store online Fresh fruit and vegetables (organic where possible except for those with hard skin not used)
Frozen mango cubes Himalayan pink salt 2 apples
coconut water or           unsweetened almond milk Whey protein powder Fresh mint
Ground almond Cashew nut butter (if using this as nut butter of choice or have left over from last week) Fresh parsley
Nut butter of choice Ground flaxseed Spinach
Frozen berries Pea protein powder Kale and/or watercress
Plain natural yoghurt Avocado
Pumpkin seeds 2 bananas
100% fruit juice e.g. pomegranate, grape or cherry or flavoured (e.g. with pineapple) coconut water Pineapple
Root ginger
Please note alternatives for certain ingredients will be detailed with the individual recipe to consider cost, availability and variety.


Again recipes will come out on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday so enjoy sampling and amending other suggestions until then.

Thanks for joining in and all the feedback.