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Food, health & voting – all emotive topics!

Food, health and voting – they’re all hugely emotive topics. Let’s mix it all up a bit and contemplate the 3 together !? So, Teresa May has called for a snap general election in June which will ultimately shake up the overall priorities list for many political parties. Brexit will naturally dominate the conversation but it’ll be interesting to see how closely (hopefully!) health figures as a topic of importance. As the UK recently became divided over Brexit, some claimed that the detail was lacking whilst sensational news stories took centre stage. As the MPs are currently finalising manifestos and…

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It’s Hiring Time!

Job Role: Nutrition Admin and Marketing Support Contact: or 07920 203130 Rate of Pay: £10 per hour (on a self-employed basis) Location: Home office based or Norwich (opportunities to attend workshops/ events throughout UK)   An opportunity has arisen for a nutrition orientated support assistant to work with Andrea Carroll Langan an MSc level qualified functional nutritional therapist within the busy Norwich based practice Health Embrace. Health Embrace specialises in optimising health and performance and has varied nutrition consultancy contracts within the fields of education, sport and business. Additionally following the recent successful soft launch of a Health Embrace…

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Sugar Free for Stoptober

So a whole month has passed during which I’ve restrained from added sugar. Yes, right from the black strap molasses I’m a bit partial to in porridge to the white highly processed type scarily abundant in today’s food and drink options. It hasn’t been all easy I’ll admit, but its been for a worthy cause (every time I might have had a cake, chocolate bar or actually drank my occasional cheat drink wine, money has gone in my charity pot) and it’s been sort of fun in the process. The biggest reconfirmation for me is that food obsessing isn’t particularly…

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