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Digestive Support Smoothie

Our digestive health is so important yet it’s often overlooked due to the temptation of many fast saturated fat and sugar laden foods. If you’re feeling bloated, sluggish, or low in energy whipping up this nutrient packed smoothie could be a good start towards some digestive relief. The smoothie contains only 5 simple ingredients which in itself is easy on digestion… The yoghurt offers gut friendly live bacteria known as probiotics. Mint helps to calm any stomach upsets as well as providing a fresh taste. Volatile oil compounds in fennel tea may help relax the lining of the digestive tract…

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Brain Boosting Smoothie

Another day, another theme… Brain health isn’t always something considered in a practical way but it’s well worth taking the time to offer up nourishment and support. With life generally keeping us busy to keep up contemplate the function of foods to make meals and snacks count.  Below we’ve been provided with some tips and a focused recipe from Coriander the excellent Nutritional Therapist from CS Nutrition in Madrid…   I’m sure you’ll enjoy, Andrea       This nutrient-packed smoothie is full of brain protective compounds. Research has shown that the medium chain fatty acids in coconuts may ameliorate the…

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Sleepy Smoothie

A bit of natural support in the evening anyone? The smoothie today devised by my nutritionist friend Alice Benskin could be a good start to the week ahead. Hopefully some of these ingredients  you may already have in with it being over half way through the challenge! I hope all’s going well so far and until Tuesday with the next installment, I shall leave you in the very capable hands of Alice…     Sleep difficulties and insomnia are very common problems today, and many individuals resort to using various aids in the hope of promoting and achieving better sleep.…

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