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Super green hormone-support smoothie

Afternoon smoothie tasters, If you’ve found us here, hopefully you’ve been enjoying the options and are checking in for your next update or ideas. We’ve had a few different themes now… If you have any questions or would like to put forward amendments or suggestions for a topic, please share?   Today I’m happy to introduce Amy Berry a good friend and first-rate colleague of mine with a new smoothie recipe targeted to her particular area of interest.  Amy specialises in nutrition and lifestyle support for female hormonal health and fertility, so she’s incorporated relevant health promoting functional foods into…

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Think Recovery Embrace Performance

Gym goers, amateur competitors and sport professionals alike often use protein shakes to improve body composition. By adding extra ingredients of nutritional value, it is possible to enhance recovery processes and maximise the training response… Why? A nutrient dense smoothie can help diminish the physiological demands of strenuous exercise and set the body up most efficiently to resume training, adapting and ultimately improving. The personalisation of nutritional strategies is highly effective when striving to optimise athletic ability. A versatile liquid base can easily be built upon by including further food based or supplemental nutrients tailored to individual goals and recovery…

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Mama Loves Healthy’s Green Pirate Smoothie

Hopefully by now you’re all getting the hang of the smoothie challenge and revelling in preparing and testing out different creations.. To follow on from Thursdays much loved Avocado and Chocolate smoothie recommended as a introduction for the kids (big and small!); recipe and tips today are brought to you by Anneka Street a health and nutrition coach based in New York City. Anneka works with busy mamas to help them lose weight, get more energy, improve digestion and learn how to cook nutritious meals for their families. This lovely option tweaked from one of her ever popular seasonal detox programme is a…

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