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Ingredients List – Smoothies 4-6

Getting ready for another week ahead, I’ve included the suggested ingredients list for the next 3 smoothies provided. As you will see there are a fair few ingredients that you might have in from last weeks selections and some new ideas. There have now been 3 different protein powders suggested; hemp last week and now pea and whey all with different benefits, textures and flavours. To consider cost, it might be worth purchasing the small sachets of each as in most recipes long term they can be substituted for each other (or other foods) according to your individual taste and…

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Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

Afternoon All, It’s now day six in the March smoothie challenge and its been great to hear from so many of you trying out options or being inspired for your own. Feedback received yesterday that ‘amazingly Sundays breakfast smoothie was so filling there was no need to eat rubbish all morning’ put a big smile on my face. By now you’re probably settled in and pretty used to your blender? To keep you on your toes we do like to throw in a surprise or two… Yes you did read it right, there is chocolate in the smoothie title today!…

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Purple Sunrise Smoothie

Just a quick hello from Health Embrace today as this Tuesday the nutritious recipe has been provided by a great nutritionist colleague from Cristazone in London’s Harley Street. I’ve been lucky enough to sample this already so I’m sure you’ll enjoy! I’ll leave you to read the detail provided and for those who requested extra tips and a weight loss theme, this one is perfect…     How can it be used?   This hemp protein smoothie is formulated to provide you with a convenient, easily digestible meal that is packed full of all the nutrients that you need in…

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