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Breakfast to Go

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Arguably yes… Choices made can not only impact your day but overall health. Influences can be as wide ranging as on weight control to critical thinking. Nutritious selections can enhance energy levels, boost concentration and ultimately performance. However, for many these days maintaining a hectic life schedule or striving to get ahead it’s all too easy to skip it and hurry out the door. Protein based smoothies can act as a meal replacement whilst still providing a balanced nutritional intake, ideal to rev up your metabolism and kick-start your day!  …

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Nutritious and Delicious – Smoothies 1-3 Ingredients

For those of you that would like to plan in advance, here’s an ingredients list for the first few smoothies. What you will find as the weeks move on is that there may be less on your core ingredients list and you are just topping up. Although experimentation is encouraged and many of you will relish and could benefit from following recipes exactly, it’s best to be realistic. As an example, if you have a good quality whey protein powder feel free to try this if you’re not ready to invest in a hemp option. Also you might already have…

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Health Embrace Nutritious and Delicious – Smoothie a Day Challenge

  To all those new to this website or existing clients revisiting, welcome, I hope you enjoy. Following positive feedback on my recent nutritional tips for smoothies, a challenge was set to see off winter and get a healthy start to Spring.   The five main aims for a March smoothie a day are as follows: Increase variety in the diet for nutritional benefit. Enhance levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Experiment with different ingredients, consistencies and flavours. Provide natural support for functions including digestion, detoxification and blood sugar regulation. Understand more about the functional properties of foods.   Now…

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