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Our lead nutritionist Andrea Carroll Langan has teamed up with Your Gluten Freedom’s founder Sara Matthews to launch a healthy muffin mix for children.

There’s a wealth of conflicting health information available and sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the good.  For Andrea, being able to combine her experience as a parent to three young children with extensive knowledge and qualifications in nutrition has allowed her the perfect opportunity to design a nutritious children’s food product.



Real food – the ultimate health embrace for mindfully nourishing the next generation


The Health Embrace Kids Quick Bake Muffin Mix was recently soft launched at the Your Gluten Freedom expo at The Forum in Norwich.

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Perfect for a speedy breakfast on the go or after school snack



The tooth friendly mix has an appropriate balance of protein, beneficial fats and carbohydrates to promote the steady release of energy.

Sugar is at the forefront of a major health crisis. Many children are consuming way over the government recommended maximum level which impacts health.

Sound nutrition is the foundation of health and what we feed our bodies naturally impacts how we feel. Small steps towards positive change can make a big difference, so reducing sugar whilst enhancing the nutrient content of breakfast or one snack a day is a great place to start.


The mix will be available in several locations shortly so watch this space. In the meantime please contact Sara Matthews on 07760 631074 if you would like to purchase and collect in the Norwich area.

Andrea would also love to discuss any potential requirements further so please let us know!



‘I like to think of the Health Embrace Quick Bake Muffin Mix as ‘real life’ nutrition for busy parents!’ Andrea Carroll Langan