Sugar Free for Stoptober

So a whole month has passed during which I’ve restrained from added sugar. Yes, right from the black strap molasses I’m a bit partial to in porridge to the white highly processed type scarily abundant in today’s food and drink options. It hasn’t been all easy I’ll admit, but its been for a worthy cause (every time I might have had a cake, chocolate bar or actually drank my occasional cheat drink wine, money has gone in my charity pot) and it’s been sort of fun in the process.
The biggest reconfirmation for me is that food obsessing isn’t particularly good for you regardless of how positive or healthy the outcome is perceived to be. Reducing overall sugar consumption /being more aware of hidden sugars and cooking from scratch where possible is pretty amazing and something I’ll always promote as beneficial for health.  Total restriction of all sugars unless for a medical reason or taste preference, not so much. Saying no to an occasional cake you really fancy or an egg salad wrap calling you from a cafe counter just because there might be sugar in both the mayo and the wholegrain bread I’m not sure is all that good for your psychological well being…
I could reflect on the topic of sugar free for a very long time. I’ve lots to say! But for something a bit different and in the spirit of honesty here’s my top 5 points in conclusion to my own challenge:
  • even nutritionists can be a bit addicted to sugar, not always just of the refined variety though!
  • it’s very easy to replace sugar with other treats you might not have eaten lots of before so careful menu planning and preparation in advance is ideal. Cheese topped with more cheese and vegetables crisps anyone!?
  • going fully sugar free is great for breaking a cycle of sugar addiction and giving those taste buds a bit of a refresh. It does however take a period of time to adjust when you might not even fancy your normal food and drink selections.  This can be seen as a good opportunity for embracing variety in dietary choices.
  • I’m delighted that I don’t have an all or nothing type approach to my nutritional work. Sometimes this can be slightly controversial but it’s one I’m sticking to. I love doing workshops (including those addressing the sugar myths) where people report back that small doable changes have made a big difference to them.
  • I’m totally sick of bananas but they do mix well with cocoa powder to make a thick chocolatey smoothie when a craving kicks in! Naturally the Health Embrace nutritionally balanced ‘refined’ sugar free muffin mix  would have been better 😉 !


Thanks for reading.
Here’s to now avoiding the refined sugars a little more than usual whilst losing that feeling of restraint. Back to a balanced life…