Health Embrace offers tailored nutritional programmes to coach and encourage you towards achieving optimal health, condition and performance.

We’ve also recently collaborated to launch a children’s healthy muffin mix, so keep an eye on our new and evolving products section….

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It is well recognised that a person’s well-being and capabilities can be directly affected by diet and lifestyle choices. Health Embrace will help guide you through the abundance of mixed health related messages by adopting an evidence-based approach, applicable to personal circumstances, unique requirements and goals.

Health Embrace is centred on 3 core offerings which share the overarching objective of helping both individuals and their wider families establish and then build upon a strong foundation of health. They are complementary to each other, providing options for those seeking to improve their lives and/or performance in areas such as family wellness, business and sport.

Health Embrace Me
combines insights from the fields of Nutritional Therapy and Nutritional Science with the ground breaking whole systems approach of Functional Medicine. Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques are often integrated within these personalised packages to offer support for sustaining and affecting positive change.
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Health Embrace Sports
adopts the established Health Embrace functional nutrition approach and applies this to sport. Highly specialised programmes are designed for both individuals and teams seeking to maximise athletic potential and gain a competitive edge.
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Health Embrace Groups
raises awareness of the importance of sound nutritional practice for achieving natural balance and promoting our own restorative mechanisms. Workshops and courses can be designed on a bespoke basis.
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